High-quality foresail furling and reefing systems

Furling. Reefing. Sailing

BARTELS stands for furling systems made in Germany
We are partners of the sailors. By that we mean people who love sailing. Because you relax while sailing. Because you design sailing yachts, build sailing boats, or because you like to supply sailors with selected products through your shop. BARTELS stands for high-quality furling and furling systems made in Germany.

Quality from Lake Constance to the world
Our success is based on openness to good ideas, precision in planning and quality craftsmanship. We are only satisfied when everyone in the team does their best work.

Experience and Quality

  • BARTELS has more than 50 years of experience in the yachting industry
  • BARTELS is certified and complies with ISO 9001:2015 quality standards
  • We are certified for welding in accordance with DIN EN 15085-2 (stainless steel, aluminium and titanium)
  • We are stainless steel processing experts (Edelstahl Rostfrei e.V.)
  • BARTELS sells products that are 100% Made in Germany

Furling around AT-Cable
> Code0 and Gennaker

Furling around wire forestay
> Genoa and Jib with hanks

Furling around wire forestay
> Genoa and Jib with hanks
> Mounting below deck (watertight)

Reefing around foil forestay
> Genoa and Jib with luff tape

Reefing around foil forestay
> Geoa and Jib with luff tape
> Mounting below deck (watertight)


BARTELS provides a wide range of furling and reefing systems that respond to the different needs of sailors, sail-makers, shipyards and yacht designers.

  • Furling systems for Code Zero sails & gennakers (flying sails)
  • Furling systems for hank-on sails (sails hanked directly onto the forestay cable)
  • Reefing systems with forestay foil (sails attached with the forestay cable using a track)
  • Above-deck or below-deck installation: All of our furling reefing systems can be fitted above or below deck.
  • Flexible and attractive: Our attractive, waterproof, full-swivel through-deck fittings are particularly popular. These fittings mean that all our systems can be fitted on board any type of yacht
  • Comprehensive service: BARTELS provides customers with a comprehensive service, ranging from personalised advice to the manufacture of ready-to-fit forestays.
  • Unique, due to our perfect craftsmanship: Put our wire and rod services to the test!
  • Shipyards and yacht designers: Our professional partners, such as shipyards and yacht designers, appreciate the services of our CAD experts, who remain at your disposal with their German engineering skills.
  • Customised products for shipyards and private individuals: Our custom-manufactured products for special vessels and super yachts are testimony to our engineering skills. Please contact us for further details.
  • Manual, electronic or hydraulic: Our customers can choose between manual, electronic and hydraulic motors for our systems.
  • International delivery and service: Our products are in use around the world, where they are renowned for their high quality and extreme corrosion-resistance.