Rollsysteme für Code0 & Gennaker

Furling systems from BARTELS: 
Safe furling for Code Zero sails and gennakers

Safe furling for Code Zero sails and gennakers – these sails ensure a fantastic sail even in low wind! Many sailors don't fly these two sails together because they worry about the safety aspect, or prefer to err on the side of caution. BARTELS lets you sail these huge sails safely – even with a small crew – thanks to their perfect Code Zero and gennaker furling system.

Furling systems from BARTELS: Spoilt for choice

We offer a choice of five different sizes, as well as two kinds of material and colours. Customers can choose between racy black aluminium furling systems and sophisticated silk-mat stainless steel models. Both furling systems can be used to furl the Code Zero and the gennaker.

More than 45 years of experience

The Code Zero and gennaker furling systems by BARTELS are delivered ready to fit. It goes without saying that these systems include a high-quality AT rope. This is one of the criteria by which an experienced sailor recognises the quality that results from over 45 years of experience. There are few companies that are able to manufacture, work with and deliver AT lines with such first-class workmanship.

Do you want to furl your Code Zero sail or gennaker safely?

Please contact us for further details. We've got the right furling system for YOUR yacht!


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>> Furling System for Code0

Technical details & prices

Technical details & prices can be found in our Code0 / Gennaker brochure >> (PDF 3,7 MB)