Furling systems for Gennaker

Gennaker / Code Zero / top genoa / light wind sail

Field of application
Furling asymmetrical sails (gennakers) using the "Top Down Verfahren®" (top-down method). The sail is furled from the top around a lightly tensioned furling axle (AT line with anti-twist coating). This ensures that large sails can always be hoisted and dropped safely – even with a small crew. The sail can be stowed quickly, safely and compactly once it is furled. The head of the sail is bent onto the special thimble on the swivel and the tack of the sail is bent onto a strop on the tack swivel above the furler. The luff of the sail curves automatically depending on the cut of the sail and length of the tack strop. A GENNEX system can also be used to furl existing gennakers, providing that the sail is not cut too deeply and the length of the luff is not significantly greater than the low-tension line. The furling mechanism will only work when the low torsion rope is placed under high tension, which is why the rope length should always be measured under load, to prevent the halyard from touching the blocks on the mast.

Competition or Performance – the choice is yours!
The Competition Series is composed almost entirely of high-strength and seawater-resistant aluminium. Products in this series have a matt black finish and are coated in hard-anodised aluminium. This series is approximately 30% lighter than the Performance Series. These low-weight solutions are highly rated by serious racing sailors for their high load capacity and reliability.
The Performance Series is manufactured from 100% seawater-resistant stainless steel. All products have a polished silk-matt finish. Performance furlers and swivel are particularly robust and favoured by leisure sailors and cruisers alike.

Dual use – furling Code Zero sails and gennakers:
A Code Zero furling system can be converted to a gennaker furling system by attaching a tack swivel. The tack swivel can be bent straight onto the furler, or attached via an adapter in the jaw of the furler. Using an adapter allows for very quick sail changes, for example, between the Code Zero and gennaker. The tack swivel and tack strop remain on the gennaker AT line, for example, when changing to a Code Zero.

Overview Gennaker furling systems

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Länge AT-Leine

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35 8 A2-114-1

70 12 A2-114-2

100 15 A2-114-3

150 20 A2-114-4

200 25 A2-114-5