Processing cables and rods

swaging, cold heading and pressing

Wire cables and rods: We are experts when it comes to processing stainless steel and wire cables, including rods.
Whether we are dealing with a traditional yacht or racing boat, sailing performance is not the only criteria for determining the choice of material. Our materials also ensure the necessary safety on board, trusted by sailors around the world. BARTELS provides tailor-made solutions. It doesn't matter whether you are restoring a traditional yacht or looking for a discreet, highly dependable solution for your standing rigging. Or if you're a yacht manufacturer who's looking for a reliable partner to fit out your new yacht collection with forestays, rigs, shrouds and backstays.

We offer advice and products tailored to your specific needs. Relying on our 45+ years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality marine products enables you to save both time and money. Please contact us to find out how! Our team remain at your disposal to answer any queries and discuss your ideas.

Swaging and pressing wires, compressing rods
Wire cables and rods:
 If you do not want to compromise on performance and you prefer to take quality for granted, you should definitely get in touch with us! We process stainless steel and wire cables and rods.
AT ropes: We also process AT ropes. We splice the ends of the low-torsion ropes with special thimbles. These popular AT lines are essential as winding axles when sailing with Code Zeros and gennakers.

BARTELS sells standing rigging and running rigging that you can trust
If you are looking for high-quality, long-lasting products, you should definitely get in touch with us! We are pleased to offer you advice to help you find the perfect solution for your traditional yacht or racing boat.

Forestay and standing rigging:
We produce ready-to-fit forestays and manufacture your standing rigging, such as shrouds and back stays.


>> Wire swaging / pressing
>> 1x19 / Dyform / 7x19 / ...
>> 3 mm - 12 mm
>> Any end connections


>> Rod swagig / cold heading
>> Rod
>> -4 (4,4 mm) up to -30 (11,1 mm)
>> Any end connections


>> Rope pressing
>> Anti torsion rope
>> 5 mm up to 17 mm
>> Any end connections


>> Furling-/ Reefing systems
>> Standing rigging
>> Running rigging
>> Individual wire solutions