D2 - Systeme (Montage unter Deck)

Unauffällig / leichtgängig / robust

Scope of application

Scop of application: In these reefi ng systems, the headstay remains still and the tensile forces are transferred directly onto the chain plate. An electric and hydraulic motor operates the headstay foil, allowing the sail to be easily and safely furled in and out exactly the desired amount at the simple push of a button. The motor mechanism is completely hidden beneath the deck. The through-deck fi tting and the fi xtures attached to the deck are manufactured from attractive, polished stainless steel. The system was specially designed to meet the needs of prestigious, classic yachts and to remain in keeping with their elegant design.


  • Tack of sail attached as low as possible via the integrated tack swivel
  • Calotte in the through-deck fitting allows alignment errors (+/-5°)
  • Freewheel function for the entire headstay foil when the sail is furled out (+/- 70°)
  • Headstay attachment mounted with ball terminal to allow full angular mobility (+/- 10°)
  • Attachments for 1x19 cable, Dyform or Rod
  • Attachments for standard or special foils
  • Motor options: Electric 12V or 24V / hydraulic
  • Electronic controls ready for connection (protection rating IP67)


  • Emergency operation in case of a power cut on board. The sail can be furled in and out manually in case of emergency.
  • Completely solid design
  • Current limiter provides overload protection


  • All components / devices are non-corrosive in salt- water
  • Motor, gear unit and electronics are labelled with protection rating IP67 (protection against temporary submersion)
  • Our development and manufacturing processes are certified in accordance with DIN ISO9001:2008
  • We are certified for welding in accordance with DIN EN 15085-2 CL1


  • All visible parts are manufactured in polished stainless steel
  • All components visible on deck are particularly compact and elegant
  • A discreet and timeless design, specially developed for prestigious and / or classic yachts




  • Tack of the sail attached as low as possible (on the tack swivel)
  • As much in keeping with the image of classic yachts as possible (slim, stainless steel design)
  • Through-deck fitting with calotte allows small align ment errors during installation 
  • Tensile forces of the headstay do not act on the bearings (they are transferred directly via the shaft to the chain plate)
  • Integrated tack swivel
  • Manual or electric / hydraulic operation

Schema D2 - Systems (installation below deck)

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-12 (7,1)713elektrisch5/8" / BAIID2-213-1
-17 (8,4)818elektrisch5/8" / R20D2-213-1
-22 (9,5)1018elektrisch3/4" / R20D2-213-2
--1223elektrisch3/4" / R30D2-213-2--
-30 (11,1)1423elektrisch7/8" / R30D2-213-3--
-40 (12,7)--23elektrisch1/1" / R30D2-213-4
--1628elektrisch1/1" / R40D2-213-4--