D2 - Systems (installation on deck)

Compact / light weight / robust

Scope of application

On these type of jib furlers the headstay cable does not turn. The bearings of the jib furler are not loaded by the tensile forces of the headstay. Therefore, the highest loads can be easily handled. The fine adjustment of the headstay length is possible via a threaded connection on the furler. The threaded connection is enclosed by a short tube coupling which transmits torque from the furler to the foil (headstay wire is fixed). Optionally a turnbuckle can be installed above the furler to enlarge the length adjustement range and enable an more comfortable length adjustment. An extended tube coupling encloses the complete turnbuckle and transmits the torque from the furler tothe foil. The options for headstay length adjustment is made to compensate tolerances during the making-up or to adjust the mast rake. There are terminals for wire 1x19, Dyform or Rod available. The headstay is separated from the aluminium foil by plastic pipes. For an easy transportation the individual foil segments are 2-3 m long, depending on size. Single foil segments can be exchanged after a local damage.


  • Tensile forces of the headstay do not affect bearing
  • Robust and unobtrusive stainless steel design
  • Jib furler with endless rope are availlable in four sizes (high reefing torque, thick, easy to grip rope, no rope jamming as known from drum furlers)
  • Reefing system can be equippet with standard or third party foils (e.g. for retrofitting an old reefing systemwith an new furler
  • Universal connectivity for headstays of the 1x19 wire cable, dyform, rod types
  • Rope outlet adjustable all around in 12 positions
  • Low attachment point of the sail tack (at the integrated tack swivel)

Schema D2 - Systems (installation on deck)

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system / Profiltyp

Konfiguration System-



-6 (5,0) 5 13 Trommel Roller
Endlosleinen Roller
3/8" / BAII D2-11x-3
-9 (6,0) 6 13 Trommel Roller
Endlosleinen Roller
7/16" / BAII D2-11x-3
-12 (7,1) 7 13 Trommel Roller
Endlosleinen Roller
1/2" / BAII D2-11x-4
-17 (8,4) 8 18 Trommel Roller
Endlosleinen Roller
5/8" / BAIII D2-11x-4
-17 (8,4) 8 18 Trommel Roller
Endlosleinen Roller
5/8" / BAIII D2-11x-5
-22 (9,5) 10 18 Trommel Roller
Endlosleinen Roller
3/4" / BAIII D2-11x-5