D2 - Systeme (Montage unter Deck)

Unauffällig / leichtgängig / robust

Scope of application

Manually operated reefing systems with sealed throughdeck fittings are fitted to boats between 35 and 50 feet, whereas electrically operated systems are used on boats up to 100 feet. The headstay remains fixed. The headstay forces are transferred to the chain plate directly from the mast fittings. As the sail is being reefed, the sail winds itself around the headstay. All components visible on deck are particularly compact and elegantly shaped. All visible parts are made from polished stainless steel. The use of plastic is avoided wherever possible. The through-deck fitting allows for a +/-5° offset for installation. The headstay attachment including tube coupling and foil allow angular adjustment (+/-10°) when under sail (adjustment for changes to rake of the mast and sag of the headstay). The integrated tack swivel allows the tack of the sail to be attached as low as possible. When under sail, the tack of the sail aligns itself perfectly with the set of the sails. The freewheel of the drive coupling allows the headstay foil to line itself up with the setting of the sail (+/- 70°). The headstay can either be secured directly or via a turnbuckle The turnbuckle, which is fully integrated into the tube coupling, allows easier rigging and adjustment of the rake of the mast.


  • Tack of the sail attached as low as possible (on the tack swivel)
  • As much in keeping with the image of classic yachts as possible (slim, stainless steel design)
  • Through-deck fitting with calotte allows alignment errors during installation
  • Tensile forces of the headstay do not act on the bearings (they are transferred directly via the shaft to the chain plate)
  • Integrated tack swivel ƒ Manual or electric / hydraulic operation

Schema D2 - Systems (installation below deck)

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-12 (7,1) 7 13 Trommel Roller
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5/8" / BAII D2-21x-4
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5/8" / BAIII D2-21x-5
-22 (9,5) 10 18 Trommel Roller
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3/4" / BAIII D2-21x-5